Is It Really Possible to Sleep Better?

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Is It Possible to Sleep Better?Do you wake yourself up, at times, because of how loud your snoring has become? Has your spouse had to relocate to a different room, because your snoring is simply too loud to sleep through? Are family vacations filled mostly with complaints from loved ones about how difficult it is to share a hotel room or RV, when you snore like a trumpet in your sleep? While snoring can certainly be a source of frustration, and embarrassment, it can also be a warning sign of a dangerous medical condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnea, one that can lead to worsening heart health, difficulties concentrating during the day, and even depression, to name a few of the potential side effects. Fortunately, if you are ready to determine the cause of your snoring, and to do something to stop it, your dentist might be able to help with a minimally invasive treatment plan!

Enjoy a Quality Night’s Sleep with Dental Treatment

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) can be a dangerous medical condition. That is because it involves the soft tissue in the mouth moving and blocking the airway, allowing for temporary lapses in oxygen to both the body and the brain.

Over time, this can begin to have serious effects on one’s overall health, leading to high blood pressure, irritability, difficulty concentrating and even depression.

Fortunately, treatment from a dentist can often help address sleep apnea.

Avoid Extensive Measures with a Sleep Appliance

Sleep appliances are a great way to address sleep apnea, for many patients. Plus, they are less invasive than most alternatives, including Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines, which are often cumbersome.

So if you are ready to start sleeping better, talk to your dentist about how a sleep appliance could help.

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