Hate Your CPAP?

Older couple from Friendswood who wouldn't sleep with a CPAP machine found alternatives thanks to Houston Sleep Solutions.The most prevalent form of sleep apnea treatment is a CPAP machine. The CPAP mask is worn over your nose and mouth while you sleep to make sure your breathing is healthy.

If you use a CPAP machine or are considering one, you may run into CPAP machine problems. You may find that you can’t sleep with CPAP machines because you dislike CPAP noise. If you are experiencing any issues, let us talk to you about alternatives to CPAP machines.

Do You Hate your CPAP?

We offer alternatives to CPAP options because we know that many patients dislike them. We offer sleep apnea treatment that is as pleasant as possible, so you can stop snoring, start sleeping healthier, and never look back!

We know that some people encounter CPAP problems. Some of these problems are detailed below.

  • I Can’t Sleep with CPAP Machines.

    There are a few different reasons why it might be difficult to sleep with a CPAP machine. If you aren’t used to wearing the machine, it can feel awkward at night. Wearing the mask for short periods of time during the day can help you become familiar with the feeling, but some patients cannot even tolerate it for those short amounts of time.

    CPAP noise can keep you awake. This is one of the most common CPAP machine problems. Older CPAP models are more likely to make noise than newer versions, but upgrading your machine may not solve your problem, especially if your spouse can’t sleep with any CPAP noise.

  • I Don’t Like the Sensation of the CPAP Machine.

    CPAP options often don’t help patients who experience claustrophobia. Any mask at all means that patients like these can’t sleep with CPAP machines.

    Patients with beards may also find their CPAP machines frustrating as they try to find a comfortable way to position the mask over their faces. At this time, there are no CPAP options that do not involve masks over the face.

  • Dealing with CPAP Machine Problems Is Inconvenient.

    CPAP machines are not very portable. Patients who have to travel for work may find them particularly frustrating. Any trip can be more difficult when you have to lug along a heavy CPAP machine, though especially when camping because CPAP machines require electricity.

    CPAP machine problems also include cleanliness. The CPAP machine is difficult to clean, adding yet another tedious task to your to-do list.

Many people can't sleep with their CPAP machine due to the noise it emits.CPAP vs. Oral Appliances

If you’re experiencing CPAP problems or just can’t sleep with CPAP machines, it makes sense that you might be interested in alternatives to CPAP machines.

One of the most convenient and comfortable alternatives to CPAP machines is an oral appliance, sometimes referred to as oral appliance therapy. This oral appliance is much smaller than a CPAP machine. It is placed over the teeth rather than the nose and mouth.

By gently moving the lower jaw forward, an oral appliance opens the airway and makes breathing easier. The oral appliance fits well in your mouth because it is custom-made for you. This makes the oral appliance a very comfortable sleep apnea treatment.

Oral appliances solve the CPAP machine problems that patients often report. An oral appliance is easy to carry, meaning that patients who travel have no trouble bringing their sleep apnea treatment devices with them. Cleaning these appliances is also very easy. Best of all, these appliances don’t make any noise.

Many people find oral appliances are comfortable and convenient alternatives to CPAP machines, but it’s important to note that they work best for mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

Get Your CPAP Alternatives at Houston Sleep Solutions!

Whether you are hoping to solve CPAP problems or just explore sleep apnea treatment options, contact us today to learn whether an oral appliance can help you!

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