Tired of Your Partner’s Snoring Waking You Up? A Dentist Could Help

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Partner Snoring? Your Dentist Can HelpWhen was the last time you were able to sleep through the night, without being awoken by the sound of your partner’s loud snoring? In fact, have you taken up residence in a spare bedroom or even on the couch, because you can no longer stand the snoring coming from your partner? Sadly, snoring can be much more than just an annoyance. It can be a sign of a dangerous condition known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Untreated, OSA can lead to increased blood pressure and higher risk of heart-related issues, depression, difficulty concentrating and other side effects, as well. Fortunately, in many cases, your family dentist can offer an effective treatment for OSA, which can help everyone in the house start sleeping better.

Why Is Sleep Apnea Treatment Necessary?

It is important to treat OSA because it is a dangerous condition, which involves one’s airway closing during the night. This causes momentarily lapses in breathing, which can lead to a host of increasing health problems, including fatigue, depression, and heart issues, as well.

To help prevent this, there are a number of treatment options, including a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine. Many find this machine cumbersome and loud, though, which is why patients often prefer a less invasive alternative, one that can be provided by your dentist. It is called a sleep appliance.

How Can the Dentist Help Your Partner?

Sleep appliances look much like the mouthguards worn during sporting events, or at night during orthodontic treatment. However the purpose of these sleep appliances is to help keep the soft tissue clear of the passageway, as one sleeps, allowing for more consistent oxygen flow, which is crucial to restful sleep and also overall health.

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