Feeling Sleepy? It Might Be Time to See the Dentist

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Sleepy? Sleep Apnea Treatment Could HelpDo you find yourself drinking more and more coffee, just trying to make it through your days? Are you constantly feeling drowsy, unable to concentrate, or downright cranky? Many people don’t realize that when they regularly feel tired, it could be due to the poor quality of their sleep, not the quantity. If you want to wake feeling better rested, and actually excited to face your day, it might be time to talk with your dentist about whether sleep apnea could be the source of your problems, and if so, how minimally invasive sleep apnea treatment could help.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

There are several potential warning signs of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a dangerous health condition that actually affects millions of Americans. Fatigue, irritability and difficulty concerntrating are just a few of them. Another common indication of sleep apnea is loud snoring, which might be so loud that it wakes you or loved ones sleeping nearby.

Sleep apnea is caused by blockage of one’s airway, due to soft tissues moving during the night.

How Can a Dentist Help?

A dentist might be able to help you overcome the side effects of sleep apnea through a minimally invasive sleep appliance. This device is custom made to fit your smile, and looks similar to a mouthguard commonly worn during athletic events or even during the course of orthodontic treatment. Yet the purpose of a sleep appliance is to help keep the soft tisuse in a comfortable position during the night, that allows for constant air flow.

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