Wondering If You Need Help Getting a Sound Night’s Sleep? We Can Help

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Do You Need a Sleep Study?In many cases, sleep issues can be incredibly hard to self diagnose. After all, you’re asleep when the problems occur. Unless a partner has already informed you of loud snoring, or other warning signs of sleep apnea or other problems, it can be tough determining how well you are actually sleeping. So, how are you to determine if you suffer from sleep apnea or other conditions? While taking an online quiz or questionnaire may be able to help, in many cases your dentist or doctor may recommend a sleep study. Fortunately, at Houston Sleep Solutions, we offer a convenient way to study your natural sleeping patterns, so that we can help you determine the cause of your problems, without the inconvenience of trying to sleep in a sterile lab environment to be studied. Our at-home test helps diagnose your sleep-related issues, so we can then help treat them, and get you back to enjoying good and much-needed rest!

How an At-Home Sleep Test Works

In order to conduct an at-home sleep test, we will first provide you with a small device that is designed to fit comfortably around your wrist. This is the only thing you’ll need to wear for the study; there is no need for more cumbersome headsets which can be uncomfortable.

Then, as you sleep, this device will record data about your sleep habits, including how long it takes you to fall asleep, how frequently you awake during the night, and more. After you return this product, our doctors will then examine the data and diagnose any issues you might be having, such as sleep apnea.

Remember, in many cases sleep apnea can be easily treated through the use of a non-invasive oral appliance. So don’t delay reaching out if you even suspect you could be sleeping better. Your dentist may be able to help!

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