Do You Have Sleep Apnea?

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Do You Have Sleep Apnea?Maybe you have heard of sleep apnea, but are unsure what it is. Or, you might know what it is, but think that you would certainly already know if it was an issue you were facing? Unfortunately, many people suffer from sleep apnea without knowing it, and this can be a dangerous condition. Since it affects both your ability to breathe as you sleep, as well as to get much-needed rest, it is important to determine if you might suffer from sleep apnea. That way you can seek restorative treatment if necessary, and get better sleep, which can help in almost every other aspect of life.

Warning Signs of Trouble

Many people have heard that one warning sign of sleep apnea is snoring. But that is actually only one indicator that you could be struggling with sleep apnea. Some of the other symptoms include:
• Daytime sleepiness, or a general sense of fatigue or tiredness, can be a sign of sleep apnea. And even if you aren’t suffering from sleep apnea, if you feel extremely tired, even after a full night’s sleep, you could be struggling with some form of sleeping disorder. It’s wise to talk with your dentist or doctor about possible causes.
• Loud breathing can be a sign of a problem, but one of the most obvious symptoms is episodes where you stop breathing, which a partner may have noticed, or you might have noticed yourself, especially if you begin gasping for air.
• Dry mouth can be a sign of a number of dental problems, including sleep apnea. You should contact your restorative dentist if you are suffering from chronic dry mouth, especially when drinking plenty of water throughout the day.
• Headaches, irritability and even mood swings can also be caused by sleep apnea, along with weight gain and depression.
• Keep in mind, that often restorative treatment is as simple as having a dentist supply you with an oral appliance that can help keep your passageways clear as you sleep. So don’t delay a dental visit if you think you could be struggling with sleep apnea.

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