Indicators for a Dental Fixture for Sleep Apnea

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Dental Fixture Therapy indicators

Always check with Houston Sleep Solutions about your unique needs for sleep apnea treatment. That said, dental fixture is the first choice for people suffering from sleep apnea, and who choose this fixture over CPAP. This dental fixture therapy is recommended for patients who do not react well to CPAP.  Dental fixture therapy is a solution for:

  • Snoring
  • Extreme OSA
  • Rejection of CPAP
  • Solution for traveling
  • If surgery fails

For and against:

The fixture can be effective to reduce moderate cases of sleep apnea. It is also helpful for people who sleep on their stomachs or backs, the worst two positions for steady airflow. It can improve oral and dental health, as well as sleep patterns. Fixture therapy, however, can also cause side effects which include tension in the jaw, sore gums, dry mouth, and noise in the jaw joint.

Other Effective solutions

Rapid Maxillary Expansion

This method enlarges the oral arch and the roof of the mouth to make a balance between the jaw width as a jaw that is too narrow can limit a patient’s airway. Enlargement of the palate can facilitate the flow of air in the nasal cavity allowing one to breathe easily through the nose. The expander is bonded to the back upper teeth. It includes a screw mechanism in the middle which needs to be turned on a daily basis to separate the two palate bones. The procedure is nonsurgical and reduces nasal pressure.

Pillar Procedure

Pillar procedure is a simple and effective way to help patients stop snoring. It also helps those who suffer from moderate sleep apnea. Three to six woven polyester strips are inserted into the palate, eventually turning the soft palate rigid.  The rigid palate vibrates less as compared to the softer palate. Since tissues are not removed during the procedure, pain and discomfort are minimal. It takes up to three months to realize the full benefit. Only a trained and qualified physician can determine if it is the right treatment for you.

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