Does a Good Night’s Sleep Seem Impossible?

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Does a Good Night’s Sleep Seem Impossible?How often do you wake up still feeling utterly exhausted? If you frequently spend mornings feeling tired, groggy, or even irritated, it could be due to a sleeping disorder like Obstructive Sleep Apnea. OSA is a particularly dangerous form of sleep apnea, because it actually involves lapses in breathing that can potentially lead to death. The good news is that if you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, your dentist may be able to provide an effective solution in the form of a minimally invasive sleep appliance.

Stop Ignoring Symptoms of Sleeping Disorders

Symptoms of sleeping disorders vary largely person-to-person, but they can include headaches in the morning, fatigue, irritability, depression, and increased blood pressure. Over time, this can make it difficult to work efficiently, cause strains on one’s personal relationships, and also increase risk of heart disease and stroke.

Loud snoring may also be occurring, which can be bothersome for both the one suffering from sleep apnea and any loved ones nearby who may be awoken by the sound of the snoring.

In any case, symptoms of sleep apnea should not be ignored. Unaddressed, poor sleep can take a toll on one’s entire body.

Enjoy Better Rest with Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea treatment is designed to provide more consistent breathing, most importantly, but also more relaxing rest. While doctors often choose to recommend Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Machines, these can be loud and bothersome. Sleep devices are similar to mouthguards, and therefore minimally invasive. Yet they help to prevent soft tissues from closing one’s passageway during sleep, allowing for consistent airflow and better overall sleep.

OSA Treatment Could Help You Sleep Better

OSA treatment can help to prevent loud snoring and worse symptoms of sleeping disorders. You can schedule a sleep apnea consultation by calling Houston Sleep Solutions in Spring, TX, at 832-764-7847, or in Pearland, TX, at (832) 564-3508.