Could Your Dentist Help You Stop Snoring, Finally?

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Treat Sleep Apnea with a Sleep ApplianceSnoring can be a troublesome thing, for both the sufferer and loved ones within earshot of the noise. Unfortunately, snoring can also be much more than an annoyance. In some cases loud snoring can actually be warning sign of a sleeping disorder like Obstructive Sleep Apnea, OSA. This is a dangerous condition, as it involves the blocking of a person’s airway as he or she sleeps, which can cause a variety of medical conditions, including increased risk of heart conditions, high blood pressure and other serious health concerns. Fortunately, there is treatment for sleep apnea, and it might even be faster and easier than you think. For many patients, a simple sleep appliance is an effective way to cope with and combat sleep apnea.

Reasons Not to Ignore Snoring and Other Sleep-related Issues

As mentioned, sleep apnea is not a condition that should be ignored. Left untreated, OSA can have far-reaching medical repercussions. Sufferers of sleep apnea are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure, and other heart-related conditions, but they are also at a high risk of daytime tiredness and difficult concentrating, irritability and even depression.

How a Dentist Could Help You Find Relief

If your dentist or doctor diagnoses you with OSA, a sleep appliance may be recommended. This device is similar to a mouthguard, but it is used during sleep to help keep one’s jaw in a position that allows for a free flow of air, which can help to stop snoring and other OSA-related symptoms. By being fitted with a custom sleep appliance, you may be able to sleep better quickly and comfortably!

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