Are There Alternatives to CPAP Treatment?

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Are There Alternatives to CPAP Treatment?Did your doctor diagnose you with sleep apnea, and then recommend a CPAP machine, for treatment? Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines can be an effective way of preventing lapses in breathing and the loud snoring that often accompanies sleep apnea. Unfortunately, many patients find the machines, themselves, loud and cumbersome, making it difficult to adjust to using them, both for themselves and often for nearby loved ones, as well. Fortunately, many dentists offer an effective alternative to CPAP machines, in the form of a minimally invasive oral appliance. If you would like to know if a sleepappliance could be effective OSA treatment for you, it’s time to speak with your dentist!

Why OSA Treatment Is So Important

There are a number of reasons to seek sleep apnea treatment, if you could be suffering from the condition. They extend far beyond the annoyance of snoring. Sleep apnea can have far-reaching medical impact, including heightened risk of heart-related problems, irritability and depression.

There Is an Alternative to CPAP Machines

If you are hoping for a treatment that is less invasive than a CPAP machine, a sleep appliance could be an effective alternative. Sleep appliances are similar to the kind of mouthguards often given to patients during orthodontic treatment, as well as those worn during sporting events to protect the teeth from damage. However, the role of a sleep appliance is to prevent one’s soft tissues from blocking his or her passageway during sleep. In doing so, the patient can enjoy more consistent breathing, and improved overall health.