The Reasons We Snore

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No one enjoys snoring. For the snorer, this could mean serious issues with sleep and the risk of major complications down the road. For the significant other, this irritating habit could prevent them from enjoying a good night’s rest. In today’s blog, your Pearland, TX, dentists look at what you can do to avoid snoring, and when you should seek treatment from a dental professional!

Sleep Apnea

When we snore, this occurs because airways are partially blocked as we breathe at night. The blockage is the result of soft tissues collapsing and obstructing airways. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) means we stop breathing completely at night, again due to collapse of soft tissues. The blockage prevents people with OSA from reach the deep, uninterrupted stage of sleep needed to feel rested, and leads to serious health complications. If we snore chronically, this could be an indicator of sleep apnea and a sign that you should see your dentist for a diagnosis and to discuss possible treatment options.

Sleeping Habits

Did you know that sleeping on our backs increases the risk of snoring and airway blockage during sleep? Other issues that negatively impact our sleep include excessive alcohol consumption, viewing smartphone, TV, or computer screens right before bed, and an irregular sleep schedule. To limit the risk of snoring, we suggest resting on your side instead of your back, avoiding large meals or exercise in the two hours before bed, going to sleep and waking up at the same times daily, and avoiding screens right before bed. Your bedroom should also be a dark, cool room to facilitate the perfect sleeping environment. With a few simple changes to your bedtime routine, you can help yourself rest easier!

Treatment Options

How do we treat chronic snoring and sleep apnea? Well, we may take detailed impressions and measurements of your jaw and smile, using the information to design an oral appliance that is worn at night. The device will look and fit much like a mouthguard and is designed to fit comfortably. The personalized sleep appliance then repositions the jaw to keep airways open and prevent apneic episodes, ensuring you breathe freely and without snores or interruption. To diagnose your poor rest, we will actually send you home with a small device that records your sleep habits, no need for a lab setting at all. We want to make sure we help you enjoy better rest and as a result, better overall quality of life.

Do You Suffer From Snoring?

Don’t continue to struggle with a sleep disorder, talk to our team about possible solutions. To learn more about our custom solutions for treating OSA and other issues, call Houston Sleep Solutions in Spring, TX, at (281) 320-2000, or in Pearland, TX, at (832) 564-3508.