How Do You Perform A Sleep Test?

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Without treatment, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) leads to major negative impacts on our daily life. However, if we can identify the presence of sleep apnea, we can offer our Pearland, TX, patients custom treatment options. In order to obtain a thorough diagnosis, we will perform a sleep test.

Warning Signs of OSA

When should you contact our office for a diagnosis? Often, patients with sleep apnea experience chronic snoring, dry mouth in the mornings, and episodes of waking in the night suddenly, often choking or gasping for air. Other warning signs include moodiness, headaches, daytime drowsiness, and difficulty concentrating on tasks at work or school. If these symptoms apply to you, then give us a call to schedule a visit.

The Sleep Test

To ensure accuracy, we need the results to reflect how you actually sleep. Trying to rest in a lab setting is uncomfortable and often the results are simply not very accurate. However, when we send you home with a sleep test, we know the results will be precise. The small device will record any apneic episodes and measure your blood oxygen levels. When you return to the office, we read the results and find the most appropriate treatment for your sleep issues. We often prescribe a custom-made sleep appliance, which is worn like a nightguard and helps ensure open airways throughout the night, preventing the onset of apneic episodes.

Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs!

Over time, sleep issues increase the risk of falling sleep behind the wheel, as well as depression, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack. Treating the issue in the early stages helps protect your overall health and allows you to rest with ease. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our team today. We’re ready to help you enjoy a good night’s rest again!

Do You Need A Sleep Test?

If you think you need a test to diagnose the presence of sleep apnea, then give our team a call today. To learn more, call Houston Sleep Solutions in Spring, TX, at (281) 320-2000, or in Pearland, TX, at (832) 564-3508.