Feeling Tired? Could Sleep Apnea Be to Blame?

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Tired? Sleep Apnea TreatmentWhen was the last time you actually enjoyed a good night’s rest? Does it seem like months, or even years, since you were able to sleep peacefully through the night, without waking up to your own snoring, difficulties breathing, or complaints from loved ones about your increasingly loud snoring? Did you know that problems sleeping could be indication of a sleeping disorder, like Obstructive Sleep Apnea? Though there are a number of issues that could affect your sleeping, but OSA is one of the most dangerous. That is because it involves actual lapses in breathing, which can be dangerous for both a person’s physical and mental health.

What Are the Warnings of Sleeping Disorders?

Sleeping disorders like OSA can contribute to irritability, difficulty concentrating, a general sense of fatigue, and even depression. Sadly, it can also contribute to high blood pressure, and makes one at risk of heart-related problems, as well.

Loud snoring is just one common symptom of OSA. These other listed conditions can also be warning signs of the disorder.

Fortunately, many dentists are able to treat OSA effectively and through minimally invasive treatment, using an oral appliance like a Somnodent Sleep Solution. This device looks similar to a mouthguard, yet it is made to help keep soft tissues from blocking one’s airway as he or she sleeps, which can help stop snoring, and more importantly improve one’s breathing and rest.

Many patients find this solution less invasive than a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine, because the oral appliance does not involve a loud machine or wearing a mask as one sleeps.

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