Feeling Tired? Could Sleep Apnea Be the Problem?

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Sleep Apnea Could Be TreatedDo you frequently wake up feeling incredibly tired, in spite of having slept for a full eight hours? Have loved ones complained to you, that your snoring is out of hand? Did you know that these and other issues could be due to a sleeping disorder, like Obstructive Sleep Apnea? OSA is actually a dangerous medical condition that can affect more than just a person’s sleep. It can have far-reaching repercussions on one’s overall health, as well. So if you suspect you could be struggling to sleep well, why not talk to your dentist about whether sleep apnea could be to blame, and if so how it can be treated?

Don’t Ignore Symptoms of Sleeping Disorders

It is important to keep in mind that sleeping disorders can be dangerous to one’s overall health, due to the effects a lack of quality sleep can have on one’s whole body. For instance, OSA is linked to increased blood pressure, heightened risk of heart-related problems, and even irritability and depression. Over time, sleeping disorders can also contribute to problems concentrating during the day, frequent headaches, fatigue and other issues which can make work, and even home life, difficult.

Fortunately, sleep apnea can often be effectively treated with help from a dentist.

Seek Treatment Quickly, to Improve Your Rest and Health

SomnoDent Sleep appliances are one of the ways dentists can help patients sleep more soundly. These deices are similar to mouthguards, yet they serve to help keep the soft tissue from blocking one’s airway during sleep, allowing for more steady and consistent breathing which is essential to quality rest and overall good health.

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