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Could You Use Sleep Apnea Treatment?Do you frequently wake up feeling tired, even though you’ve technically been in bed for eight hours or even more? During the day, do you frequently find yourself feeling foggy, having difficulties concentrating, or even struggling at work, due to poor concentration or downright fatigue? Even as a parent, do you have a hard time remaining patient with your kids or your spouse? In fact, has a loved one commented on your seeming irritability? Many people don’t realize that these are actually all warning signs of a serious medical condition known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea. OSA is a condition that can lead to a host of medical issues, because of how it negatively impacts the restfulness of one’s sleep. Fortunately, many dentists can help patients treat sleep apnea through minimally invasive measures. So if you suspect you could be struggling with OSA, or another sleeping disorder, it’s time to find out how treatment could help! 

Sleep Apnea Can Negatively Impact Your Health

Sleep apnea is a serious condition because it involves short episodes of poor or halted breathing, as one sleeps, leading to momentarily lapses of oxygen reaching the brain. Over time, these episodes can cause high blood pressure and increased risk of other heart conditions, but sleep apnea can also lead to a general sense of fatigue, confusion, irritation, and even depression.

A Dentist Offers Simple Solutions

To help address OSA, many dentists recommend sleep solutions, which are a less invasive alternative to the CPAP (or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines that are commonly recommended by doctors. The CPAP machines can be loud and cumbersome to adjust to, while treatment like a SomnoDent Sleep Solution merely requires sleeping with a device similar to a mouthguard, in order to keep the airway free and clear as one sleeps.

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