Do You Need Treatment for Sleep Apnea?

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Do You Need Sleep Apnea Treatment?Many people wake up feeling tired, without ever understanding why. Over time, they may try a variety of tactics to try to help improve their sleep, from shutting off their electronics before bed, to sleeping with white noise machines blaring on their nightstands. They may even go to bed hours earlier than ever before, all trying to achieve the kind of rest they know their bodies need, without ever feeling like themselves when they wake up in the morning. For many, these issues could be caused by sleep apnea, a condition which affects approximately 18 million American adults.* Left untreated, it can lead to a host of medical problems. Fortunately, treatment is often simple, and can be provided by a dentist. So if you think you could be suffering from sleep apnea, it’s time to talk with your dentist about treatment.

Potential Side Effects of Sleep Apnea

Besides overall fatigue, irritability, headaches and an inability to concentrate, sleep apnea can have other serious and far-reaching consequences. According to the National Sleep Foundation*, sleep apnea can also contribute to, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, congestive heart failure, strokes, and heart attacks.

In addition to snoring, common symptoms of sleep apnea include tiredness, memory problems, irritability, a difficulty concentrating, and even depression.

For many patients, suffering from sleep apnea, a dentist can help. By providing a patient with a custom oral appliance that helps keep the jaw comfortably in place, and the airway clear, an oral appliance can help reduce snoring and improve a person’s overall quality of rest, during the night.

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