Could Your Loved One Have Sleep Apnea?

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Does Your Partner Have Sleep Apnea?Does it feel like ages since you last got a good night’s sleep? Is that not because of your own trouble sleeping; is it because of a loved one’s loud snoring? In many cases, loud snoring is just one symptom of an underlying health condition, one that can be life-threatening if not treated. Obstructive sleep apnea can cause loud snoring, but also high blood pressure, depression, irritability, and a host of other side effects that are the result of a person’s troubles breathing consistently during sleep. For loved ones, this condition can also be problematic, as it can be difficult to sleep when someone near them is either loudly snoring or even gasping for air. Fortunately, many dentists offer a fast and minimally invasive way of treating OSA, one that could help you both get a better night’s sleep. So don’t wait to talk to your dentist, about the sleep solution he or she offers!

Pay Attention to the Symptoms, and Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Treatment

You may have heard of sleep apnea before, or even known someone who had the condition. If so, chances are you were told about CPAP machines, which stand for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines. They are used to help supply a person with a steady stream of air as he or she sleeps. Unfortunately these machines can be loud as they pump air, which can be just as bothersome as the snoring, itself. The mask used to supply the air can also be cumbersome for the wearer of the CPAP mask.

Simple sleep appliances, like a SomnoDent Sleep Solution, offer a wonderful alternative to the CPAP treatment, one that is less invasive and yet still effective for many patients struggling with OSA.

Sleep appliances are similar to mouthguards, in that they are designed to rest comfortably within one’s mouth. However, while a mouthguard is designed to protect teeth, often during sporting events, a sleep appliance is made to help keep the jaw in a position that allows a person to breath, unobstructed, throughout the night.

If your loved one could be struggling with sleep apnea, or has already been diagnosed with OSA but is unhappy with his or her existing treatment solution, why don’t the two of you ask your dentist about whether a sleep appliance could help alleviate your health concerns and improve your sleep!

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