Can Your Dentist Help You Stop Snoring?

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Could Your Dentist Treat Your Sleep Apnea?Snoring can be incredibly annoying to both you and your loved ones. Sadly, it is often a symptom of an underlying condition that is even more troubling than the sometimes obnoxious and often embarrassing sounds that snoring can create. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a serious health condition, one that can negatively impact a variety of aspects of one’s life, from his or her ability to work efficiently and even drive safely to increased risk of heart problems and depression. These symptoms might seem unrelated, but any sleeping disorder can be troublesome, because it prevents the body from getting adequate, much-needed rest, leading to difficulties with basic functioning. Fortunately, in many cases a dentist can help treat OSA, leading to better rest and better health. So if you could be dealing with OSA (or if you think a loved one might be in need of sleep apnea treatment) talk with your dentist about what can be done to both stop the snoring, and more important to protect your health!

Snoring Can Be More than An Annoyance; It Can Be a Warning

If you have ever woken up to the sounds of your own snoring, or if loved ones have complained to you about your snoring, this could be indication that you are already struggling with OSA. If you are diagnosed with OSA, this means that your passageway is becoming blocked as you sleep, leading to multiple lapses in breathing, which can be detrimental to your sleep and harmful to your overall health.

A dentist may be able to help treat your sleep apnea, leading to improvements in both your sleep and your overall health. Schedule a consultation soon, if you suspect OSA could be to blame for your snoring. A simple oral appliance might be able to help stop your sleep apnea symptoms, and improve your ability to rest.

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