Are You Tired of Feeling Tired? It’s Time to Talk to Your Dentist: Part One

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Could You Sleep Better with Sleep Apnea Treatment?Have your coworkers started to comment or even tease you about your incessant yawning from behind your desk? Did your spouse recently inform you that you have been snoring extra loudly lately? Worse, did a loved one tell you that you have seemed irritable or even depressed? To many people, these questions would seem unrelated. In fact, often people ignore their tiredness or mood changes, believing them to be normal parts of a busy or stressful life. Snoring is also considered quite normal, and rarely addressed as an issue for concern. Unfortunately, in some cases this can contribute to undiagnosed health conditions, such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and left untreated, OSA can pose a serious risk to your health. So if you have noticed some of these symptoms, or if a loved one has been concerned about you because of poor sleep or loud snoring, it is time to schedule a dental appointment. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that your dentist could potentially offer you a minimally invasive way to treat OSA!

Is Treatment for OSA Really Necessary?

OSA occurs when a person’s airway becomes blocked as he or she sleeps. This can lead to momentary lapses in breath, which actually send signals to wake the brain. This is what causes many OSA sufferers to snore loudly, as they try to restore normal breathing. But it can also dramatically reduce the quality of one’s sleep, which is what can lead to a host of overall health issues, including the above mentioned, like irritability and daytime tiredness. But OSA can also lead to high blood pressure, and an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. So treatment is important to helping to prevent worsening OSA, or subsequent health issues.

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