A Few Questions About Sleep Apnea

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Even patients who have sleep apnea don’t always fully understand their condition. For instance, the reason why it goes unnoticed for so long is because many patients don’t realize that snoring and other symptoms are related to sleep apnea. Many patients who are diagnosed with it don’t fully realize the significance of its impact on their overall health, or that they may have several comfortable options for treating it and improving the quality of their sleep.

Why does it make me snore?

Sleep apnea, which means to stop breathing in your sleep, is usually caused by mouth and throat tissues clogging your airway. They do so gradually, collapsing into the airway as you sleep at night. As the obstruction grows, the sound of your breathing will grow louder, hence the increasingly loud snoring that indicates obstructive sleep apnea.

Do I really stop breathing?

Eventually, the loud snoring will stop as your airway is completely closed off and you stop breathing for a few moments. Because you’re asleep, you can’t consciously clear your airway, and before long, your mind and body will panic. They’ll wake up enough to clear your airway, but not enough to force you awake fully, and most patients never remember having apnea episodes at night.

How do I treat it?

Once your sleep expert diagnoses your sleep apnea, you may be able to treat it with a comfortable, custom-designed oral appliance that prevents your airway from becoming clogged. Made to support your lower jaw in a comfortable, more open position, the appliance can ensure that your mouth and throat tissues have room to relax without obstructing your airway.

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