How We Diagnose Your Sleep Apnea From Home

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Did you know that diagnosing obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) doesn’t mean trying to go to sleep in a lab setting? In fact, we offer our Spring, TX, patients diagnosis with a machine they can use from the comfort of their own home, offering a more comfortable and convenient experience. What should you expect from the home sleep study?

Warning Signs of Poor Rest

How do you know if you have a sleep disorder? People with untreated sleep apnea often report chronic snoring, waking up choking or gasping for air in the night, dry mouth when waking up, headaches during the day, and daytime drowsiness. Moodiness and difficulty concentrating on tasks at work or school may also occur. The disorder involves the soft tissues in the throat and in the back of the mouth becoming too relaxed in the night and collapsing, blocking airflow. You literally stop breathing for a brief moment until the brain registers this fact and wakes you. People rarely remember waking, even though this happens several times a night. Without treatment, the disorder has been linked to a higher risk of depression and more frequent illness, due to the fact that the disorder often strains the immune system. The pressure OSA places on the cardiovascular system also boosts the risk of heart disease, hypertension, heart attack, and stroke.

Home Sleep Test

If you begin to experience the warning signs we mentioned above, then let us know. We will send you home with a small device, which records any apneic episodes as you sleep, as well as registering your blood pressure, blood-oxygen levels, and any strained breathing. We will analyze the results, and accurately diagnose the presence of sleep apnea. Our team will then be able to recommend the most appropriate treatment option.

Treatment Options

Often, we will treat the disorder with a personalized sleep solution in the form of an oral appliance. After taking detailed impressions and measurements of your smile, we use the information to create a custom appliance that is worn at night. The oral appliance helps ensure your airways remain open throughout the night, preventing apneic episodes. You then sleep without interruption and enjoy a better quality of life. If you have any questions about identifying and treated obstructive sleep apnea, then please contact our team today. We would love to help you enjoy a better night’s rest.

Do You Have Trouble Sleeping?

Difficulty sleeping could be a sign of a disorder that requires treatment, one that could threaten your overall health. To learn more about our home sleep test and custom treatment options, please call Houston Sleep Solutions in Spring, TX, at (281) 320-2000, or in Pearland, TX, at (832) 564-3508.