Could You Sleep More Soundly with Your Dentist’s Help?

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Address OSA with Sleep Apnea TreatmentDo you frequently wake up with headaches, or feeling fatigued, in spite of having gotten a full night of sleep? Does your significant other ever wake you up in the middle of the night, because of your loud snoring? Are you having problems concentrating at work, or even having patience with your kids? Did you know these could all be symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a serious medical condition caused by closed airways during one’s sleep? OSA is a common condition, one that affects millions of Americans. Unfortunately, sleeping disorders can be difficult to diagnose, since most people are not aware of how well they are actually sleeping at night, much less whether there are momentarily lapses in their breathing. Fortunately, knowing the most common symptoms of OSA can help make you more ready to recognize them in yourself and others, and if you do have OSA, your dentist can likely help.

A Sleep Appliance Can Help Treat OSA

Irritability, fatigue, difficulties concentrating, frequent headaches, and depression can all be caused by OSA. Any sleeping disorder can negatively impacts one’s ability to sleep well, and therefore have far-reaching repercussions on his or her overall health. OSA is particualrly dangerous, though, because it involves temporary halts in breathing.

Reasons to Consider Dental Treatment

Thankfully, dentists can often help to treat sleep apnea with the use of a simple sleep appliance, that is similar to a mouthguard. This device is used to help keep the soft tissues in place, where they cannot block one’s airway at any point during the night. In addition to leading to better rest, these sleep appliances can often stop the snoring, as well.

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