Month: May 2017

Ready to Really Get Quality Rest?

Are you having a hard time getting quality rest at night? In fact, do you wake up feeling exhausted, even distracted and irritable? If so, you might think you simply need to be getting more sleep, but if you are suffering from a sleeping disorder, it could be the quality of rest that is actually… Read more »

Could Your Loud Snoring Be a Sign of a Bigger Problem?

Has your significant other frequently complained to you about the annoyingly loud sound of your snoring? If so, you could have a bigger problem on your hands than a tired spouse. You could actually be suffering from a dangerous medical condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Sleep apnea involves momentarily lapses in breathing, due to soft… Read more »

Ready to Help Your Spouse Stop Snoring?

Are you tired of waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of your significant other’s loud snoring? Snoring can be a major annoyance for anyone near enough to hear it. Unfortunately, it can also be an early indicator that a person is suffering from a dangerous condition known as Obstructive Sleep… Read more »

Could Better Sleep Improve Your Health?

Do you frequently wake up feeling exhausted, in spite of getting what should have been eight solid hours of sleep? At work, is it becoming increasingly difficult to function, because you are so tired and distracted? Problems concentrating can often be linked to sleep issues. Sadly, so can many health concerns, including heightened blood pressure… Read more »

Are You Feeling Tired All The Time? Apnea Could Be the Problem

Have you had a hard time focusing at work, lately, because you simply feel tired most all of the time? Is it getting to the point that you’re worried you’ll fall asleep while driving, because you are simply so exhausted? If so, it could be time to talk to your dentist about whether sleep apnea… Read more »